Market Area Rules

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Market Area Rules

Post  [Althalos] on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:06 pm

Since Flooding is prohibited.. Proper manners during posting and replying is a must!! Here is some tips to avoid confusion or any violation

Market Area Rules:
1.) Post with complete details.. Naming your Price (Either your Selling or Buying), Contact Details , Complete item information (Name of item, Random Value E.T.C).
2.) No Double Post.
3.) Stick with the Topic's Subject
4.) No Over Price
5.) Post your topic at the right Area
6.) Lastly! No use of Vulgar words / Dirty words (Posting or Replying)

All Violators will be punished depending on what violation is broken. All players has a right to complain or to question authorities if possible..

All open comments is open below.. if you have some doubts or any ideas that you can add to these rules are acceptable :shocked:

Thank you! and Happy Gaming!


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