How to install Epic Ran (Parts by Parts) and Patch Guide

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How to install Epic Ran (Parts by Parts) and Patch Guide

Post  [Althalos] on Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:52 pm

Be sure to have a winrar sortware installed in your computer.. otherwise the game file client wont install in your PC

Win Rar Extractor Download Link:

"7 zip Extractor" can also be used in extracting the game files

How to install EPIC Ran (Parts):
*After downloading all the parts.. drag all parts to your desktop
*Right Click the Part 1 file
*Press OK and wait for the loading to Finish
*A folder will apear in your desktop
*Open the Folder and You will See the Game Client
*And the Last Enjoy Playing

How to Patch EPIC Ran :
*After you finish downloading the patch
*Drag it to your Main client folder
*Right Click the Patch
*Click "Extract Here"
*Wait for the Loading to finish
*You Can now Play EPIC Ran

*Usual patches are self extraction files.. so use the patch tips if its not..

Happy Gaming! And Vote For Our Server

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