How to Change Your Gui Interface (Color Change) Guide

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How to Change Your Gui Interface (Color Change) Guide

Post  [Althalos] on Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:54 pm

Follow the steps below (Carefully) to prevent any removal or loss of Server Files

Sample Image (Bloody Red):]

Download Link: ?4jlh47dl5jcv1bp

1st Step:
*Download and Extract the Downloaded File in your Desktop

2nd Step:
*Open the Extracted Folder.. Choose What Type Of Color you want..

3rd Step:
*Extract the Chosen Color File and Open the Folder

4th Step:
*Copy The 4 Files inside the Folder

5th Step:
*Go to your "EPIC Ran MAIN FOLDER"

6th Step:
*Click The "Textures Folder" And Click inside the "Gui Folder"

7th Step:
*Paste The Files in Gui Folder.. Click Yes to all

8th Step:
*Open Your EPIC Ran.. see if the Color Changes in your Server List

9th Step:
*Vote For Our Server and have fun Smile

Colors Include:

For Questions Email me at (Facebook):
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Thank you..

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