Guide for picking the Best Class in Lag PC and Prevention of Lag Tips

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Guide for picking the Best Class in Lag PC and Prevention of Lag Tips

Post  [Althalos] on Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:15 pm

[L]aging [A]yaw [G]umalaw

Sick and tired with your log pc? well worry no more.. Because i have recomendations about choosing the right class and more tips to prevent log.. appropriate for your pc..

Recommended Class:
1st: The first class to be the best class in Pk , Party Leveling , and Clubwars is SHAMAN CLASS .. why shaman? Because shaman are not suppose to be killers in wars.. They are known to support other players in battle using many BUFFS..

They are a good help especially in guilds that have a large range of members.. They lessen the time to regroup because of the shaman's skill "RESU" .. which revives a character that was killed in battle Twisted Evil

2nd: The Second class is ARCHER CLASS .. Archer's have skills that don't have many extra details... and have a wide range of attacks.. But this class is still deadly and is known to be one of the best class in all ran gaming bounce

Note: And because we don't have a change class system.. kindly choose your appropriate class

Prevention of lag tips:
*Low your details and remove other extra graphics like "effects,shadows,glow E.T.C"
*Zoom IN your character and the view must be high (Just hold your up key at the directional buttons)
*Do not wear any Sets or Weapons with an Aura.. it can cause log bounce if you have such item.. better put a costume into it
*Best SavePoints is (Any E-Fronts) less player in the map.. more less waiting
*Pick the Best Leveling Map with Less graphics.. for more smooth leveling.. Ex. Trading Hole,Prison,Campus E.T.C

Thats all lol! happy Ran EZ gaming

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