How to Use "Forums"

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How to Use "Forums"

Post  [Althalos] on Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:18 pm

hi im choi pig and today ill teach the steps on how to use our forums

using forums is very important to learn.. especially for those players na currently walang client,selling/buying items etc and many many more

how to register in forums??

1st find the tab/box that says REGISTER on the right side click that tab...agree on the condition then fill all blanks required regarding USERNAME PASSWORD and EMAIL

NOTE: your account must be verified by using your YAHOOMAIL or any message blabla.. without it your created account is useless..and use your INGAME NAME as a username

log in your account

log in your account just beside the register tab Smile [RIGHTSIDE]

Note: check REMEMBER ME in order for more efficient way of logging every time you visit the forums your accounts is immediatly logged in .. so theres no nid to type in your user or pass

this is the main important thing.. creating a new thread/topic whatever scratch

you can find at the top the "NEWTOPIC" in the upper left side of your screen..but before posting a new thread you must find an AREA or POSTING AREA (like free expansion area/ lounge area or Guide Section and it depends on what subject your topic is)

NOTE: please try to post a topic that suits in the main AREA

how to look for the latest topic

Click forum then you will see the icon NEW (A square something haha just beside the Section)

how to post a reply

replying in a post is as easy as posting a new thread.. all you need is to click the THREAD you want to reply then scroll up..u can see the tab POST REPLY in the upper left of your screen

wat to do when ur done posting

you can see the top posters for today and top posters in the whole forum.. in the bottom of the forum home

all recommendation about our forums is widely accepted here.. just feel free to leave any comments below thank YOU!!

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