Guild Section Rules

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Guild Section Rules

Post  [Althalos] on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:23 pm

Guild Section is the area which Guild info's and announcements are posted.. Here are Some reminders to be followed when posting in this area..

Rules or Reminders:
1.) Title must be composed of the following info.. (-GUILD NAME- OFFICIAL THREAD)
EpiCz Guild [Official Thread]

2.) Any Design is appropriate inside the Topic to impress readers
3.) The Topic must have the list of Guild Members, Guild Seniors, Foundation, Guild Badge and Name Of the Guild Leader
4.) Each Topic must have a Message or any Attraction Speech for impression
We Stand Together! Join us and we will continue to grow as one!

5.) Each Topic must be Active in posting Activities like Clubwars, Events E.T.C (More on Screen Shots)

All of the above are reminders on what to do before posting a thread in this area.. But i do not strictly states that you must follow it.. all kinds of attraction between guild threads are allowed.. i just posted this so you can create a more precise thread with complete information to please the reader or other players

Thats all!! lol!

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