Anti-Scaming Tips

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Anti-Scaming Tips

Post  [Althalos] on Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:13 pm

for all players who dont want to be scammed

heres some tips para matulungan kayo pig

tip 1:
*If buying or selling items most especially donate items! always be sure that he/she is a sure buyer-seller!

tip 2:
*Monitor any suspicious moves like being too confident or some bad reputation (previous cases)

tip 3:
*before confirming the deal! always try to question other players about the people na binebentahan mo..kung scammer or hindi

tip 4:
*Always! beware of impersonators

oOChoi2xOo [FAKE NAME]

OrIando [FAKE NAME] (Compare small "L" to big "I")

see? who can tell the difference..some people use other names as their main weapon in scamming!..and some players are as planned being fooled by posers! so please! be alert!

tip 5:
*Be aware of people who are dealing with you especially ung mga taong pinag kakatiwalaan sa EPIC RAN...kaya kung nsa top or Epic Ran Staff always check their data or ask at our CHATBOX!

tip 6:
*Last!! Dont forget to check other people...kunwari dalwa sila nag bebenta ng item na gusto mo..kung anu mas gusto mo at kung san ka mas sure dun kung alam mong lolokohin ka nya..layuan mo na agad to prevent conflicts

thats all! keep voting! and be carefull..


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